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Xingye continues to adopt new technology and new equipment to upgrade the traditional technology and equipment. The company has created value for customers with first-class management, process equipment and a steady stream of products.

  • +Resin Product Series

    Resin Product Series

    No-bake Furan Resin/Alkaline Phenolic Resin/Cold Box Resin...

  • +Functional Coatings Series

    Functional Coatings Series

    Water-based/Alcohol-based Coating/600 High Performance Coating/Flow Coating...

  • +Melting Material Product Series

    Melting Material Product Series


  • +Feeder Head Product Series

    Feeder Head Product Series

    Exothermic-insulating Riser/Exothermic-Insulating Flexible Board/Exothermic-insulating Covering Powder...

  • +Acrylic Resin Series

    Acrylic Resin Series

    Thermosetting Acrylic Resin/Acrylic Modified Fluorocarbon Resin/Thermoplastic Hydroxyl Acrylic Resin...

  • +Auxiliary Material Series

    Auxiliary Material Series

    Release Agent/Cleaning Agent/Apparent reinforcing Agent...

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